Atterbury-Muscatatuck FAQs


Here we will try to answer the most frequently asked questions about recreating at Atterbury-Muscatatuck.


iSportsman Questions

Can I come hunt/fish/etc alone? 
Only certain Authorized User customer types (Current Military Personnel, Retired Military Personnel, INNG Employees and Full-time Contractors, and Command Directed Personnel) are able to recreate on the Installation by themselves. If you do not fall into one of these categories, you must be with an Authorized User at all times.


Why don't I see any permits available?
Something is probably missing from your account. The most often reason you do not see any permits is because you are missing a validation on your account. All participants must have a yearly ID validation to ensure they are listed in the proper customer type. Anyone looking to recreate downrange must also complete the appropriate safety brief (hunting, firewood, general recreation). All hunters must also submit proof of their hunter's education card to receive their hunter's education validation. If any of these validations are missing, you will not see the permits that are associated with them.


What are done with the fee(s) I pay in iSportsman?
The fees generated through iSportsman go to fish and wildlife or forestry expenses on the Installation depending on the permit classification. Per DoD Instruction 4715.03 and 32 Code of Federal regulation part 190, collected fees are to be used on the installation from which they were collected specifically for the protection, conservation, and management of fish and wildlife. This includes habitat restoration projects, biological staff and support costs, and related activities. That means all money paid through the Atterbury-Muscatatuck iSportsman portal remains here on the Installation.


How do I apply for a special draw hunt?
Most of the special draw hunts held at Camp Atterbury are now selected through the iSportsman lottery system. Prospective participants will acquire a lottery entry permit to join the drawing. Once the lottery window has closed, iSportsman will randomly draw participants to fill the available spots for the hunt. Successful participants will then acquire the required permit(s) for the hunt.


I was selected for a special draw hunt. Can I bring a guest?
Unfortunately due to the limited number of spots available from the public lotteries, drawn hunters are not authorized to bring a guest on their hunt. The only way for you to be able to hunt with another individual is for both parties to enter the lottery as a group and be selected.


Firewood Questions

Why can't I buy firewood permits with other iSportsman permits?
Since the funds from the sale of forestry products goes into a different account than the sale of other iSportsman permits, they must be purchased in a separate transaction due to how the funds are allocated.


Hunting Questions

Why does Atterbury-Muscatatuck have an antlered deer standard?
A key part of the INNG deer herd management plan is protecting younger age class antlered deer. This age-based management system was implemented to help improve overall herd health and hunter enjoyment.