Hunting at Atterbury-Muscatatuck


All hunters and trappers must have a valid hunting license in accordance with Indiana state law. Hunters and trappers should reference the Indiana Hunting and Trapping Guide for specific licensing requirements.


Answers to many hunting questions can be found in the Camp Atterbury Hunting, Fishing and Trapping Guide 


Camp Atterbury's 2023-2024 Hunting Seasons can be found HERE


Indiana National Guard Hunting Program

The hunting program is managed by a board of individuals with a vested interest in a successful hunting program on Camp Atterbury. The Board’s charter defines the mission and goals of the hunting program as stated below.  These goals need to be consistent with the Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan (INRMP) and management actions towards these goals need to be developed and incorporated into the INRMP.


The Indiana National Guard (INNG) Hunting Program exists to coordinate hunting activities on INNG lands (chiefly Camp Atterbury and Muscatatuck Urban Training Complex) in a way that balances safe, satisfying recreational opportunities with habitat preservation and natural resources stewardship.


-- Ensure safety is a top priority (safety program, access control, formal policy publication).
-- Deliver an effective and focused set of programs, recreational opportunities, policies, and procedures that increase the quality of life for Service Members and Civilians, while strengthening our partnership with local communities and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR).
-- Monitor/manage game populations to ensure healthy levels and ensure no negative effect on habitat.
-- Provide maximum practical recreational opportunity without compromising military training.


Who can hunt on Camp Atterbury?

Hunting on Camp Atterbury is restricted to several Authorized User customer classes and their guests. Guests are not allowed to hunt by themselves, and must be accompanied by their Authorized User at all times. Authorized users are responsible for their guest's violations, and both hunters will receive the same penalty for any policy violations. Members of the general public are able to enter special draw hunt lotteries for the opportunity to deer hunt at Camp Atterbury.

Authorized Hunters:

-- Current Military Personnel: Required to have a valid military ID

-- Retired Military: Required to have a military retiree card

-- INNG Employees/Full-time Contractors: Required to have an AGO state ID card

-- Command Directed Personnel: Required to be on the current year's command directed list


Guest Hunters:

With the exception of turkey hunting, authorized hunters are allowed to be joined by participating guest hunters for the day. Guests are required to complete all Camp Atterbury iSportsman account requirements and purchase all required permits. Guests will check-in and checkout under their own account, but must remain with their authorized hunter at all times. To facilitate easy account identification for Range Control, guest and youth accounts will have an identifier (G_ and Y_ respectively) added to the front of their first name by iSportsman admins during the validation process. Authorized hunters are responsible for the violations of their guests, and any guest violation of Camp Atterbury hunting policies will be treated as a violation by both hunters.



Participants can reserve a spot in a training area the day before they plan to recreate. Reservations can be made starting at 1200hrs the day before your activity. Reservations will hold your place in a training area until the last check-in time for the reservation. If you are not checked in by the reservation cut off time, your spot will be released and open to any other participants. Participants CANNOT make a reservation for the same day or for times beyond the next day. Guests cannot be added to a reservation, so any participating guests will need to create their own reservation or check-in that morning. Reservations do not automatically check you in, so participants will need to check-in to their reservation that morning.

A step by step guide on making a reservation can be found HERE


Hunting at Camp Atterbury offers a little bit of something for everyone. With over 26,000 acres of varied habitat in our training areas, there is no shortage of hunting opportunities. While our most popular game is white-tailed deer, there are chances for hunters to go after wild turkey, furbearers, migratory birds, small game, waterfowl, and game birds. Click on the topics below for a more in depth look at hunting on Camp Atterbury.



Deer Hunting Turkey Hunting


Furbearer Hunting Waterfowl Hunting


Small Game Hunting Migratory/Game Bird Hunting