Hiking at Atterbury-Muscatatuck


There is a lot more to do at Atterbury-Muscatatuck than just hunt and fish, and we encourage personnel to take part in several forms of non-consumptive outdoor recreation that we have available on the installation.


With 116 training areas, there are multiple opportunities to just get out and go for a hike across the installation's varied terrain. Whether you are looking to walk amongst spring ephemeral flowers in the woods, checkout the grasslands in summer, or maybe you are just looking to get away from it all for a bit, the possibilities are all around us.

While hiking, please be mindful of the area and any potential hazards that you may encounter. As a military training installation and previous site of homesteads, the potential for a variety of manmade hazards like unexploded ordnance (UXOs), open wells, etc. do exist. If you do encounter something, you are asked to mark the area as best you can, and immediately contact Range Control.

Manmade hazards are not the only thing to watch out for. The installation is also home to several potential natural hazards such as ticks, noxious plants, venomous snakes, and spiders. All participants are encouraged to learn about the potential hazards and be on the lookout while spending time down range.