Atterbury-Muscatatuck Firewood Program


The Atterbury-Muscatatuck Firewood SOP can be found HERE

At this time there are 63 ricks of Pre-Split Firewood available


Part of Atterbury-Muscatatuck's overall forestry plan includes the establishment of a fuelwood program. Atterbury-Muscatatuck's fuelwood program consists of Cut-Your-Own Firewood and Pre-Split Firewood sales. Firewood is only allowed to be retrieved from maintained roads, bivouac sites, or well developed trails. Potential firewood within a stand not easily retrievable (e.g., forested areas or past closed skid trails) will be left to decompose naturally to enhance the habitat and improve biological diversity. No tree felling is allowed with any firewood permits. All firewood sales are subject to availability, and all personnel must contact the installation forester prior to purchasing their permits.


Types of Firewood

The chart to the right lists several kinds of firewood that can be found on the Installation. Certain species of wood tend to produce more heat than others. The heat value is a measure of the amount of heat certain species will produce. Hickory, a commonly used high heat wood, is listed at 100 as a reference. The heat a log produces is determined by many factors including its density, moisture contect, and resin or ash in the wood. A mixture of high and low density wood will give you a fire that starts quickly and can burn for a longer period.


Cut-Your-Own Firewood

Authorized user customer types are allowed to remove downed logs for firewood from designated areas on a charge permit, per rick (4’X8’X16”) basis. There is a limit of 15 ricks per customer per federal fiscal year (01OCT-30SEP). No tree felling is allowed, and only already felled trees can be harvested. All users looking to harvest cut-your-own firewood must first meet with the Installation Forester or designated alternate to discuss where they will be cutting to ensure there is no conflict with other forestry managment activities. 


Pre-Split Firewood

At present, the general public is allowed on the installation to procure processed firewood on a charge permit, per rick basis. Pre-split firewood is only available to be picked up from the Natural Resources Barn (Building 841) on Fridays from 0800-1500. There is a limit of 10 ricks per customer per federal fiscal year (01OCT-30SEP).

 All pre-split firewood at Atterbury-Muscatatuck must meet IDNR compliance standards before it can be sold. The Installation Forester monitors each rick to ensure that it is compliant before being marked to sell. Customers must contact the Installation Forester, Land Foreman, or designated alternate prior to removing any firewood from the Firewood Processing Yard. All customers are responsible for the loading of purchased firewood. Due to the nature of how ricks are stacked, all firewood must be loaded by hand.

Firewood ricks seasoning at the Natural Resources Complex