Turkey Hunting at Atterbury-Muscatatuck

Atterbury-Muscatatuck hosts turkey hunting during both the spring and fall turkey seasons.

All harvested turkeys must be checked in through the DNR CheckIN system prior to checking out of iSportsman. Your CheckIN confirmation number will be required as part of your iSportsman checkout. All harvested turkeys must be taken to the biological check station for data collection. Please follow the instructions at the station on what data to gather and how to collect it.


Fall Turkey

Fall turkey season offers both archery and firearm (Brown and Bartholomew Counties only) hunting opportunities.


Spring Turkey

Spring turkey season is done through several hunts including a Youth Spring Turkey Hunt, a Wounded Hero Spring Turkey Hunt, and a regular Spring Turkey Hunt. Both Youth and Wounded Hero Spring Turkey Hunts require an application process.

Youth Spring Turkey

Authorized hunters may sponsor a youth hunter for the hunt by completing the Youth Turkey Hunt application HERE. Completed applications can be emailed to the hunting program at ng.in.inarng.mbx.hunting-program@army.mil. Applications are accepted from 15 FEB through 31 MAR. Any applications received outside of this time frame will not be considered. Sponsors of selected youth will be notified via email NLT 07 APR 2023.

Sponsoring hunters are required to accompany their sponsored youth on the hunt. Sponsoring hunters must have a validated iSportsman account as they will hold the permit, check in and out of iSportsman, and record the harvest. All youth hunters are required to have either a Hunter's Education Card or valid Apprentice License in order to be able to hunt. 

Wounded Hero Spring Turkey

The hunt focuses on veterans that have been wounded in combat. The hunt requires all participants to go through an application process. To receive an application send an email to ng.in.inarng.mbx.hunting-program@army.mil titled “Wounded Hero Spring Turkey Hunt”. All chosen hunters will be required to have an iSportsman account in his/her name, and acquire all applicable iSportsman permits. All hunters are required to have a Hunter's Education Card in order to be able to hunt.

Regular Spring Turkey

New in 2023, there is no application process for spring turkey and hunting teams are limited to three (3) check-ins per day (i.e., change hunting areas a maximum of three (3) times per day.)

Authorized users will not need to put in an application in order to be selected for the regular Spring Turkey hunt. Instead a set number of ninety (90) permits will be made available in iSportsman to authorized user customer types. Permits will be valid for the entire spring turkey season (01-14 MAY). A daily limit of thirty (30) hunters will continue to be enforced. If you choose to checkout to move areas, get lunch, etc., there is nothing in the system to stop someone else from checking into hunt, which could result in you not being able to check back in. Please plan your day accordingly.

Hunters are encouraged to utilize the iSportsman reservation system to ensure a hunting spot the day before. Reservation cutoff will be at 0600hrs, and any reservations not checked into at that time will be opened to any spring turkey permit holding hunters. Depending on harvest and hunter efforts, more permits could be made available later into the season. If this happens, updates will be communicated through the iSportsman homepage.


Accompanying Guest

Authorized spring turkey hunters will be allowed to bring one non-hunting guest during their daily hunt. Guests are not authorized to harvest a turkey. Guests are not allowed to carry a weapon, but can guide, call, or film and are encouraged for enhanced safety and risk mitigation. Non-hunting guests are required to have an iSportsman account but are not required to purchase any permits. Guests will be checked in by their authorized user using their name and birthdate. Guests must sign in with and be escorted by authorized users at all times. Guests must possess a valid turkey hunting license per Indiana Hunting and Trapping Regulations.


Counting Turkey Broods

Hunters are encouraged to assist the Indiana DNR with their annual turkey brood survey. From July 1 - August 31, Hoosiers are asked to report wild turkey broods, a group of at least one adult hen with young (poults), through the DNR webpage. Summer turkey brood surveys help monitor turkey populations as summer brood survival is generally the primary factor influencing wild turkey populations. If you wish to report turkey broods or learn more information, take a look HERE