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NOTICE: All customers will be asked to identify their Authorized Hunter by name. If you are an Authorized Hunter (military personnel, retired military, INNG employee, command directed) please put Self. All other guests will need to identify their Authorized Hunter by name or put None.

NOTICE: Some customer types have changed. Some users may need to select a new customer type, and all users will need to revalidate their customer type before acquiring 2022/2023 permits.

NOTICE: All 2021/2022 season iSportsman permits will expire on 31MAY22. New 2022/2023 season permits will be available on or after 01JUN22. 

NOTICE: All hunters and trappers must possess the proper Indiana licenses and tags. Camp Atterbury permits and bag limits do NOT replace Indiana DNR requirements.

The 2021-2022 Camp Atterbury Hunting and Trapping Guide is now available

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You must checkin prior to recreating, and checkout when you are done. You can checkin and out three ways:

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2. At kiosks located at Bldg's 241, 841, and 127
3. By phone dial (866) 388-9065  using your permit number and PIN to checkin


About Atterbury-Muscatatuck

Atterbury-Muscatatuck encompasses 36,000 acres of training and maneuver area centrally positioned in the U.S. in south-central Indiana and located within Jennings, Johnson, Bartholomew, and Brown counties. Camp Atterbury (CAIN) consists of more than 34,000 acres. This includes approximately 26,000 acres of manuever training space, a 6,000-acre impact area, urban training venues, the Atterbury Railhead Deployment Facility, and much more. Muscatatuck Urban Training Center (MUTC) is a real city that includes a built physical infrastructure, dense urban terrain, and much more.

The Army recognizes that a healthy and viable natural resource base is required to support the military mission. To be effective, the natural conditions of the training areas must be maintained to provide realism. The Environmental Management Branch continues to diligently monitor the enviornmental conditions and implement an adaptive ecosystem management approach to ensure tha the training lands continue to support the mission.






Click the Link below for directions on placing a point on a map where you can report a UXO that has been found.

Atterbury Hazard Tool